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Shawn Stowe

Lead Investigator of Chasing Shadows Paranormal

Shawn Stowe - Chasing Shadows ParanormalMy name is Shawn Stowe, I am the founder and lead investigator of Chasing Shadows Paranormal, a group located in Upstate NY. I have been investigating for 3 years and even did a short time of investigating alone which produced some great results. I have investigated some of the most highly active locations like Bobby Mackey's Music World and Eastern State Penitentiary. I also have a weekly radio show called Walk In The Darkness on Tuesday nights at 10pm EST on Ghosttales Television Network. I grew up in an old farm house where I experienced countless things I could not explain scientifically like an apparition of a woman dressed in white who visited several times, objects moving, and voices and footsteps when no one was there. I strive to find answers to the age old question, What happens when we die? In order to get answers, you have to ask the question to the people who know, The Dead!

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