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Tim Shaw

Ordained Minister, Psychic Medium, Reiki Healer as seen on The SyFy Channel and Discovery!

Tim ShawTim Shaw has had a life long fascination with ghosts, the occult and esoteric matters. He is an Ordained Minister, Psychic Medium, Reiki Healer – achieving the Master/Teacher level, trained Spiritualist Healer, Urban Shaman, Dowser, Paranormal Investigator, Metaphysical Instructor, as well as an Historical Interpreter, and Backwoods Primitive Weapons Survival Instructor. Tim is available for public and individual metaphysical readings, classes and private instruction, weddings, commitment ceremonies, lectures, and charity events. Rev. Shaw’s Website:

As an author Tim has written the “Ghosts of Buffalo; Spirits, Witchcraft, and Mayhem in the Nickel City” published by Schiffer Publishing, co-authored “Haunted Rochester” published by History Press, “Please Talk With Me,The True Story Of The C2D1 Haunting,” published by CITA Ventures and is a companion book to a film of the same name,and “Musings of a Spiritual Wanderer” published by Black Dog Press. Tim has contributed to many other books such as “Animal Spells And Magick” by Marla Brooks and “Cemetery Gates” and “Haunted Asylums” by Corvis Nocturnum. He has also written and published over 100 articles in such magazines as TAPS Para Magazine, Haunted Times, Wilderness Way Magazine, On The Trail, Camp Chase Gazette, Military Images, The War Post, The Batavia Daily News, The Fort Niagara Journal, Light Bridges, and many more.

Tim Shaw is the host of the Internationally Acclaimed Internet Radio Show The Black Cat Lounge which is broadcast each Thursday night at 8PM (EST) on This show features guests from both the Paranormal and Metaphysical worlds. Black Cat Lounge Podcasts may be downloaded at, the Apple Itunes Store, as well as the Para-X Radio Network On Demand Page. Tim is the Co-Host and Producer of a monthly radio program called “The Rev & Witch Show” which tackles edgier esoteric topics and is also the creator and former host of CBS Radio’s Psychics Next Door.

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