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Cassidy Rae

Actress & Medium

Cassidy Rae ActressCassidy Rae is not just your normal teenage girl; she is also a medium and communicates with the spirits. Cassidy began her journey in front of the camera at the age of 8 as an indie film actress and became, and still is, one of Kentucky's acclaimed young actresses.

Most recently, she has been concentrating on her popular web series DEAD PEOPLE SEE ME. Traveling the country and visiting some of America's most haunted places, she continues refine her gift while reaching out to wayward spirits to better understand their needs and desires. She has recently filmed with the acclaimed Booth Brothers of Chiller TV for their new reality series, Spooked, as well as Dan T Hall for the Ghostville series. She is called regularly to do private investigations in an attempt to diagnose activity and help steer the owners in the right direction to deal with any negative energies she may detect. She also makes several convention appearances throughout the year with the rest of the Dead People See Me cast, BLUE Paranormal, meeting with fans, providing readings and happily sharing her experiences with those interested in the spirit world. Follow Cassidy and the rest of BLUE Paranormal on Facebook.

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