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Robert Murch

Ouija® and Talking Boards Expert,

Parafest GuestRobert Murch ( is the world’s foremost collector, historian, and expert on Ouija® and Talking Boards. That said to most he's simply known as "Murch."  

He’s been collecting, researching, and speaking on the subject for over 20 years and has over 500 different Ouija and talking boards in his collection. He launched his first website on the Mystifying Oracle® in 1996 and another, in 2007.  Back in 1999 Murch created his own spirit board out of Salem, Massachusetts called Cryptique.  

Murch has worked with DreamWorks Studios as their Ouija consultant on the movie What Lies Beneath, and has been contacted by the producers of movies like Sugar & Spice and Drive Thru as well as producers for T. V. shows like Storage Wars, Mystery of the Museums, American Pickers, Taboo, and Rizzoli & Isles. Murch has made appearances on 30 Odd Minutes, Showtime's Bullshit!, The Travel Channel, MTV, the BBC, Australian radio, CBS Sunday Morning and consulted and appeared on A & E's Paranormal State, Season 3 Episode 3, "Room and Board". 

Today he continues to work on many Ouija related projects including Hasbro’s upcoming movie “Ouija” while collaborating on THE definitive Ouija tell all book all while building the ultimate Ouija website What else could possibly be going on with Murch? You’ll just have to ask the Ouija board!

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