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Brittany Johnson

Radio Host, Paranormal Investigator

Brittany Johnson - Into the Darkness Radio, Paranormal InvestigatorI am one of the latest members of Paranormal Hot Squad. A lover of all things paranormal & the unusual. I studied Anthropology in Florida, my current location, and has lived all over the world, including many years in the most historical (and perhaps haunted) city in Norway. I have a love for history and archaeology and having the chance to experience and live abroad for several years seems second nature to me. Back in the day...I was born and raised in Hawaii and was introduced to the paranormal at a young age. For living in an already ancient location with ties to legends and a set of beliefs that was influenced upon us children in school , I naturally have a different set of mind when it comes to possible natural paranormal, and or scientifically explainable occurrences

I have carried the interest with me throughout life. It wasn't difficult to be introduced to, the history of Hawaii is immense, so are the locations within the island. It's the most isolated spot of the planet, so naturally it has an entirely different energy and environment than anywhere else. Thus sparking my curiosity.

Considering my upbringing that has lead her to practicethe ways of the pagans. Practicing witch-craft has given me me a natural edge in paranormal investigating. Having been brought up in cultures with all these legends and such intense folklore, for which has always kept me wondering what is out there, and kept me intrigued into a deeper, darker side of life that not many dare to peer into.

While in Norway I had the opportunity to investigate ruins with so much long and dark history dating back thousands of years. Also I was fortunate enough to have many opportunities to personally investigate unique sites there, ancient grounds, a castle, cathedrals, and hotels with foundations that still stand from the 1400’s. Now teaming up with the PHS crew, they hope to make a mark in the field.

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