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Jason Gates

Syfy's Haunted Collector

Parafest 2013 GuestJason is an Investigator as well as a Researcher for the Haunted Collector team. Jason spent most of his life in Colorado and Idaho. There, he developed a love for adventure and the outdoors. This love led him to develop many interests and talents such as backcountry skiing, motocross, backpacking and fishing. Also, being raised in a very creative enviroment, Jason spent a majority of his time playing the drums in various bands, teaching himself to play the guitar, and later studying acting. He developed an interest in the paranormal at a very young age. Investigating local legends, he would try to discover how much truth there was behind these stories. It was not until he had a very strong personal experience that his interest changed from curiosity, to a need to know the truth. It was at this point that Jason joined the California based paranormal group, Paranormal EXP. This group focused on trying to find scientific evidence to either support or refute the existence of spirits. Now part of John Zaffis’s team, he is excited to learn from John, as well as help people in need. Jason believes that there is something out there, yet approaches every investigation as a skeptic hoping to be surprised…

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