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Bill Chappell

Owner, Digital Dowsing

Parafest GuestA engineer in the robotics & semiconductor industries, Bill also taught college courses in microprocessor design and C programming. He uses microprocessors and electronics to solve complex problems. Designing devices from articulated motion control to satellite telemetry experiments

At the age of 47 Bill was asked if he could build a device to communicate with the dead. At first he thought the whole Idea was amusing. On April 23 2007 he tested the device at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. A date that forever altered his life and perspective on the paranormal.

Bill believes without doubt there is more to the world and universe than we perceive with our 5 senses. Whether it is spirit, dimensional beings or the human mind itself. He has dedicated his skills to the pursuit of a tangible answer.

Bill operates Digital Dowsing llc  where he sells some of the items he has created to the public.

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