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Patrick Burns

Haunting Evidence and Paranormal Challenge

Parafest GuestPatrick Burns is best known for his starring role as the paranormal investigator on TruTV's (formerly Court TV) hit series “Haunting Evidence,” as well as his recurring guest judge appearances on The Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Challenge.”  He also appeared on an episode of The Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.”  Burns is no stranger to the media prior; having been featured on CNN and an Emmy award winning documentary for TBS, among countless other appearances.

Patrick is a veteran both in front of and behind the camera lens. A videographer in his own right, his self-produced video production entitled “Haunted” has won him acclaim from his peers in the paranormal field and a nomination from Ghost Convention International for “best documentary.”  He founded the Atlanta based paranormal group, Ghost Hounds, and hosts the recurring GhoStock conference in various locations.

He’s the co-author of the non-fiction book, THE OTHER SIDE:  A TEEN’S GUIDE TO GHOST HUNTING AND THE PARANORMAL with Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio and The Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Challenge,” and his wife, Marley Gibson, author of the GHOST HUNTRESS series and from A&E’s “My Ghost Story.”

Burns is a sought out lecturer for events throughout the country, as well as the college and university circuit.  When not chasing specters through haunted locations and historic area, Patrick lives in the Florida Keys with his wife and partner in paranormal crime, young adult author, Marley Gibson.  He enjoys playing the guitar, SCUBA diving, and being a great daddy to his two sons, William and Alec, and two rescue kitties, Madison and Boo.  He can be found online at, Facebook or on Twitter @patrick_burns.

Marley Gibson

Writer/Author Ghost Huntress Series

Marley Gibson’s wildly popular young adult series GHOST HUNTRESS contains the books The Awakening, The Guidance, The Reason, The Counseling, The Discovery, The Journey, and a novella entitled The Tidings.  She is also the author of non-fiction books such as THE OTHER SIDE:  A TEEN’S GUIDE TO GHOST HUNTING AND THE PARANORMAL co-authored with her husband, Patrick Burns, of TruTV’s “Haunting Evidence,” as well as CHRISTMAS MIRACLES and THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, co-authored with New York Times bestselling author of 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN, Cecil Murphey.  Her book, RADIATE, is a fictionalized account of the battle with cancer that Gibson had as a teenage cheerleader.  She has appeared on CNN, Fox News, the premiere episode of A&E’s Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story,” as well as The Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.”  A certified SCUBA diver, a closet gourmet chef, and an avid traveler, Marley lives full-time in the Florida Keys with Patrick and two rescue kitties, Madison and Boo, in an RV motorhome they lovingly call Midge where she produces her insanely popular handmade DagNabIt Zombie Babiez dolls.  She can be found online at, Facebook at marley.h.gibson, and Twitter @MarleyGibson.   Her dolls can also be found at or on Facebook at DagNabItDolls.

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