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Black Cross Paranormal (BCP)

Ryleigh, Stephen & Ryan Black

Black Cross Paranormal is a family based paranormal research team. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the opportunities that we've had. We've met some amazing people and have investigated with so many knowledgeable individuals!

Ryleigh Black - Black Cross ParanormalWe believe that Ryleigh has the gift of being an empath. She truly is a beacon and unknowingly, she naturally draws out and attracts the spirits! She doesn't call herself one but she has to be an empath! Ryleigh grew up on a reservation in Arizona and learned the beliefs and ways of the Wiccan religion. She had then moved to the East Coast and was raised in a house full of spirits! She was always interested in spirits and would read everything she could get her hands on with regards to hauntings and paranormal activity. Ryleigh founded Black Cross Paranormal (BCP) in 2008.

Stephen Black - Black Cross ParanormalStephen grew up with the teachings of the Roman Catholic religion. He never experienced anything paranormal or unusual whatsoever until he was well into his 30's! His very first experience however was one that changed his outlook - forever! He witnessed a full body apparition! This made him question all he was taught and he now knew there was so much more than just heaven, hell, and purgatory! This single experience set Stephen on his path investigating and exploring the unkown! Co-Founding BCP in 2008, Stephen and Ryleigh began their paranormal journey together!

Ryan is growing up under the same religious practices as Stephen, but also has knowledge and respect for other religions including the Wiccan practices. He has been fascinated by the paranormal for many years and at the age of 12, started investigating along side with the rest of the family. Not only has he learned so very much but he is a true professional and has investigated side by side with some very big names in the field.

While we do attempt to obtain as much photo and video paranormal evidence as we can, we actually end up with very little. We feel this is the norm for most in the community. The majority of our evidence ends up being in the form of electronic voice phenomena or "EVP" as it is more commonly known.

Ryleigh is also the host of her very own radio show called "Club Para" on Dead Air-blogtalk radio. Stephen does a lot of the technical and graphic work in the background

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