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Eric Altman


Eric Altman CryptozoologistEric Altman is a Cryptozoologist, specializing in Bigfoot/Sasquatch research and is the Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. He is the host and producer of the alternative talk show program, Beyond The Edge Radio. Eric's considers himself a paranormal enthusiast whose interest in the paranormal began at the early age of 10. At which time, he began educating himself on all subjects of the paranormal, strange and unusual.

During this time, Eric began to focus on Cryptozoological studies, mainly Bigfoot and similar hominid like creatures. His self-education in the phenomenon included studying books, magazines, articles and the work of those already researching in the field. In his early teens, Eric met Stan Gordon, UFO and Bigfoot investigator. Stan would go on to become a mentor to Eric and after a 30 year friendship and working relationship, they continue to work together investigating cases.

In 1997, Eric began active field research and investigations into the Bigfoot phenomenon, when he joined as a member of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization. Eric was named the point of contact for Pennsylvania for the BFRO. In 1998, Eric left the BFRO to join the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. In 2000 was appointed the PA Bigfoot Society director, a position he has held since.

With over 32 years of study and 15 years of in field research, Eric is well known and respected investigator by his peers in the field. Eric has investigated over 250 cases of Bigfoot sightings, encounters and claims in Pennsylvania. He has also conducted field research not only in Pennsylvania, but also in Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, California, Oregon, and Washington State Eric serves as a Bigfoot and Cryptozoology consultant for numerous paranormal organizations and is a proud member of several Bigfoot and paranormal research groups.

Eric has also served as the conference chairman and organizer for the East Coast Bigfoot Conference from 2000 to 2008. During 2011, Eric worked with the Mutual UFO Network of Pennsylvania to co-organize and co-host the 2011 Pittsburgh UFO/Bigfoot Conference.

Eric has lectured on the Bigfoot phenomenon dating back to 2000. For over twelve years, Eric has presented at numerous Bigfoot, Cryptid, and Paranormal conferences across the United States. His speaking engagements have also included talks for local clubs, organizations, schools, parks and recreation facilities and the highlight was a lecture presented for the forestry department at Penn State University in 2007. He has been featured regularly in the media on radio, newsprint, magazine articles, books and television appearances.

Eric's career path has allowed him to work extensively in public relations, and the media including newspaper and Radio as a broadcast journalist and on air radio personality. Eric has a BA in Communications from Thiel College and is currently employed for a national telecommunications company. His hobbies include the outdoors, hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping.

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