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Chris Weite

Actor, Six Degrees of Hell and Hotel of Horror

Parafest 2013 GuestChris is an Actor born in New York, who currently resides in Pocono’s, Pennsylvania. Chris has always had an interest in Acting since childhood, but didn’t get his start till 7 years ago playing Town Person (Jones Family) in remake short of the film “The Lottery” starring Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick and since than has played in numerous roles in Independent Films from Production Assistant to Supporting Characters. In the Horror Genre he is known as a Man with Many Faces, he played 6 different characters in Joe Raffas film “6 Degrees of Hell” starring Cory Feldman, in this film he played The Entity, Black Shirt Security, Patron, Puppet man and his two known characters which he currently plays in Hotel of Horror/Altered Nightmares located in Saylorsburg, PA known as Sparks and Jacob Crow (Scarecrow). as featured on the Lake House Episodes parts 1 and 2 of The Ghost Detectives Television Show on The CW and FOX 56 stations. http://ghostdetectives.tv/s2ep5-the-lake-house-part-1 and http://ghostdetectives.tv/s2ep6-the-lake-house-part-2

Parafest 2013 GuestChris has many other Horror Credits to his name in several zombie films “Holiday of The Dead”, “Zombie Exs”, among others and two NY city commercials “NY Lottery Zombie Commercial” with makeup done by the “The Walking Dead Makeup Crew” as Chef Zombie and “Zynga Games, Zombie Swipeout” commercial as “Cop Zombie”

Chris also works outside the horror realm to expand his experience he is currently filming on Independent Web Series called “Mob on the Run’ playing a  Slim “The Squealer” McMillian and “A Quick Buck 2: No Honor Among Thieves” as Marcus Cole. He plans to expand his horizons and move up to even greater things in this industry, just looking for his chance to show his diversities.

Chris has also work along with many greats as Lamce Henrickson, Robert Englund, Hal Holbrooke, Robert Patrick and many more!

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