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Sam Trammell

Actor, "Sam" True Blood

Parafest GuestAn intelligent, highly-versatile actor who made inroads on the New York stage while building an intriguing career in mostly independent features, Sam Trammell can currently be seen starring opposite Anna Paquin in HBO’s critically acclaimed series TRUE BLOOD (Sundays @ 9:00p.m. ET/PT).  The show, which premiered its second season in June, is from Alan Ball, the creator of SIX FEET UNDER.  TRUE BLOOD will return for its third season next summer.

Based on the Southern Vampire book series by Charlaine Harris, TRUE BLOOD takes place in a world in which vampires can buy Japanese-made synthetic blood. Their integration into a small Louisiana town causes quite a stir, and a love story ensues between a vampire and Sookie Stackhouse (Paquin), an innocent waitress who can read people's minds.  Trammell plays Sookie’s boss Sam Merlotte, a decent guy who is secretly in love with her.

Trammell recently starred in the Lifetime Original Movie WHAT IF GOD WERE THE SUN, opposite Lacey Chabert and legendary actress Gena Rowlands. He also co-starred this past December in Fox's AVPR: ALIENS VS. PREDATOR-REQUIEM, the sequel to the sci fit hit, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR.

Parafest GuestA West Virginia native, Trammell attended Brown University where he gravitated to acting in his senior year.  Following graduation, he garnered attention and accolades for a trio of stage performances – as a compulsive gambler in his Off-Broadway debut DEALER’S CHOICE, a quirky Yorkshire painter in MY NIGHT WITH REG, and a Tony-nominated performance in the lead role of the Broadway revival of Eugene O'Neill's comedy AH WILDERNESS in 1998. Within months of capturing New York City audiences, Sam starred as the fast-talking ex-con “Sonny Dupree,” in the quirky ABC comedy-drama MAXIMUM BOB and later, on John Wells' TRINITY for NBC.

Trammell segued to film in 2000, in a supporting role as a male hustler in the Sundance-screened BEAT, followed by release of FOLLOWERS, an affecting drama in which he played a would-be pledge to a fraternity who makes several decisions with tragic repercussions. He rounded out the year garnering rave reviews for his turn as Thomas Walsingham in the Off-Broadway play "Kit Marlowe", about the Elizabethan playwright.

Sam went on to star in the Showtime original series GOING TO CALIFORNIA, which followed the adventures of two twenty-something slackers on a road trip across the country in a 1966 Buick.

He later portrayed twins in the dramatic road movie FEAR OF FICTION followed by a supporting role in AUTUMN IN NEW YORK with Richard Gere and Winona Ryder. Sam went on to star as a corporate lawyer and his doppelganger, a hapless criminal, in UNDERMIND.

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