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Lew Temple

"Axel" AMC's The Walking Dead/ The Devil's Rejects/ Halloween

Parafest GuestBorn and raised in the Bayou Country of Louisiana, Lew Temple is an extraordinarily diverse actor who is often compared to a chameleon. He has the unique ability to take any character and make it his own. His most recent film credits include critically acclaimed Waitress (directed by Adrienne Shelly) starring Keri Russell, Jeremy Sisto, Cheryl Hines, Nathan Fillion and Andy Griffith, as well as Halloween (directed by Rob Zombie), starring Malcolm McDowell. Lew has also had prominent roles in: Domino (directed by Tony Scott), in which he co-stars with Keira Knightley, Christopher Walken, Lucy Liu, and Mena Suvari, The Devil's Rejects (directed by Rob Zombie), with Bill Moseley, William Forsythe, Rosario Dawson and Natasha Lyonne, Heavens Fall (directed by Terry Green), with Timothy Hutton, David Stratharin, LeeLee Sobieski, and Bill Sage and The Visitation (directed by Robby Henson), with Martin Donovan, Kelly Lynch and Edward Furlong. Lew is also in the critically acclaimed 21 Grams (directed by Alejandro Inarratu), with Sean Penn, Benecio Del Toro, and Naomi Watts, and Rolling Kansas (directed by Thomas Hayden Church), with Kevin Pollak and Rip Torn.

Lew began his acting career on the stage of the prestigious Alley Theatre in Houston, Texas, working alongside artists such as Vanessa Redgrave in Julius Caesar and Anthony & Cleopatra, as well as acclaimed writer/directors Michael Wilson, Terrance McNally and Edward Albee..
As of 2012, he has a recurring role in The Walking Dead as Axel, a prisoner survivor of the zombie apocalypse.
In 2012, he played Montgomery Blair, a member of Abraham Lincoln's Cabinet, in the movie Saving Lincoln, which tells the President's story through the eyes of Ward Hill Lamon, a former law partner, friend, and primary bodyguard.
In 2011, he appeared in an episode of Criminal Minds, in which he played a former fisherman turned part-time deliveryman called Bill Thomas who kidnaps and attacks one of the minor characters Alison Sparks played by Jessica Lundy.
In 2010, he appeared in an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles as Mr. Loobertz. Also that year, he had a supporting role in the thriller Unstoppable.
In 2008, Temple played Marv in Trailer Park of Terror, and Pete in the thriller/horror film House.
In 2005, Temple appeared in Rob Zombie's horror film, The Devils Rejects as Adam Banjo, and played Locus Fender in the action film Domino, starring Keira Knightley.
In 2007, he played Cal, the diner manager in the comedy-drama Waitress starring Keri Russell. That same year, he also appeared in an episode of CSI: Miami as Billy Chadwick, a local loner in a grizzly bear murder case, and as Noel Kluggs in Rob Zombie's slasher film, Halloween.
2006, he portrayed Sheriff Winston in the prequel to the remake of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. That same year, he also played a paramedic in the crime thriller Déjà Vu starring Denzel Washington.

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