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Chad Lindberg

Actor, Supernatural, The Fast and Furious, Push

Parafest GuestSince moving to Hollywood fifteen years ago Chad Lindberg has been an in-demand actor who continually works in both film and television.  His return to the CW’s “SUPERNATURAL” garnered the show its highest ratings of the season leaving the show’s fans wanting more.  This year, Lindberg has three films coming out: the family crime drama Once Fallen, My Big Break, real life Hollywood Documentary and a remake of the 1970’s Horror Classic I Spit on Your Grave.  He has built a long impressive resume and a reputation as a unique actor who breathes life into the characters he creates. 

A Washington native, Lindberg grew up in Mt. Vernon.  A self-described natural ham, he made movies and videos since elementary school and while in Jr. High he auditioned for the local Seattle “Kid Biz” Talent Agency and was immediately signed. Lindberg booked his first audition and landed a two-line part as the “Burger Boss” in Warner Bros. Born to Be Wild.    This and other roles in high-school productions confirmed he had been bitten by the acting bug. 

After high-school, Lindberg continued working on his craft and at the age of 19 landed the first of many big breaks when he was cast as a lead in the indie film Black Circle Boys which filmed in Seattle.   Soon after, Lindberg headed to Hollywood to seriously pursue acting as a career.

After only two months in LA he booked his first TV acting gig as a guest star on "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER" and has not stopped since, moving seamlessly back and forth between TV and Film.  Other guest star spots on hit shows soon followed, including: "ER” and "THE X-FILES," "NYPD BLUE," "COLD CASE," "THE TERMINATOR" and "SON'S OF ANARCHY."   Studio and indie film roles include: City of Angels, Mercury Rising, October Sky, The Rookie, The Flats, Punk Love and Push, co-staring with Chazz Palminteri.  

Another big break in film came for Lindberg when he was cast in the hit action film The Fast and the Furious in 2001.  Back on the small screen, Lindberg is building a fan base and becoming recognizable with recurring roles on such hit shows as "CSI-NEW YORK” and the hugely popular CW show "SUPERNATURAL," where he plays "Ash", the charming and lovable mullet wearing, beer drinking, computer tech have created a devoted following after fans of the hit show demanded and petitioned for the network and producers to bring him back in season 5 after “Ash’s” untimely death in Season 2.  Fans hope for a spin-off!

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