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James Hampton

Actor, Teen Wolf, Sling Blade, Longest Yard & China Syndrome

Parafest GuestFrom his first film, The Cliffdwellers, which was nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Short Subject Film” in 1962, to the multi-award winning movie Slingblade, James Hampton’s career as an actor, writer and director spans over 40 years. Along the way, he has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as “Caretaker” in the original version of The Longest Yard, and has starred in such memorable films as Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Too, The China Syndrome, Hawmps!, Condorman, Pump Up The Volume and Police Academy V. On television, he was the tone-deaf Bugler Hannibal Dobbs on the classic 60’s sitcom F Troop and appeared in hundreds of t.v. show favorites like Who’s The Boss?, Mama’s Family, The Bob Newhart Show and Gunsmoke. James was a regular guest on The Tonight Show, with over 30 appearances. He also worked as a writer/producer/director on Evening Shade, and was a regular director on numerous successful sitcoms such as Hearts of Fire, Sister Sister, Smart Guy, The Tony Danza Show, Linc’s, Boston Common, and Grace Under Fire. Most recently, James has appeared in The SyFy Channel’s Fire From Below and will soon be seen in the soon to be released films The Last Ride”, The Association and Jacob.

Acting Credits

Films: The Last Ride Breaking the Press Fire From Below Sling Blade Pump Up The Volume The Longest Yard Teen Wolf Teen Wolf Too China Syndrome Police Academy V! Condorman Hangar 18 Hustle Hawmps! Fade In Soldier Blue The Cat From Outer Space McIntosh & T.J. The Man Who Loved The Giant From Thunder W. W. And The Dixie Cat Dancing Mountain Dance Kings The Cliff Dwellers Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel Danny and Max The Association Jacob

Series TV: F Troop The Doris Day Show Love American Style Houston Knights Erma Bombeck’s Maggie Days of Our Lives Full House The Dukes Of Hazard Hawkins On Murder Mary Tyler Moore B.A.D. Cats Variety Hour

Movies of the Week: The Burning Bed Thaddeus Rose and Eddie Three On A Date World War III Justin Morgan Had A Horse Attack On Terror The Red Pony The Red Hand Gang Force Five Bunco Stand By Your Man Tut And Tuttle Khudzu The Amazing Mr. Hughes Otherworld Centennial

Episodic Television: Fired Up Hope and Gloria Melrose Place Evening Shade Hearts Afire Perfect Strangers Paradise The Bob Newhart Show Get A Life Murder She Wrote She’s The Sheriff Mama’s Family Who’s The Boss The Rockford Files Punky Brewster Boone Good Night Beantown General Hospital Bracken’s World Simon And Simon Matt Houston Superboy The Greatest American Hero Crazy Like A Fox Mannix 12 O’clock High Manhunter Death Valley Days The Guns Of Will Sonnet Gomer Pyle-USMC The FBI Rawhide Gunsmoke Dr. Kildare Tales Of The Gold Monkey Cimmaron Strip The CBS Anthology Series

Directing Credits: Hearts Afire Evening Shade Boston Common Sister Sister Grace Under Fire Smart Guy Life With Roger The Tony Danza Show Kirk You’re The One The Archers of Omaha Hudson Street Women of the House Linc’s Zoe Katie Joplin Rude Awakenings Archers of Omaha

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