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Joshua Emerick

Rock & Roll Artist, Comic Strip Artist

Joshua Emerick ArtistJoshua Emerick has dominated the world of Rock and Roll art since 2000. In 2007 he did the CKY comic which collaborated zombies and the band members. Since then he knew he had to make his mark on horror. With doing interviews and art for Henry Rollins, Vampire Weekend, Sonic Youth, Corey Feldman, Nick13 and many many more he pestered and bugged director Frank Henenlotter on a regular basis to do the Basket Case comic book. After some years Frank gave in to do a strip which debut in issue #304 of Fangoria. Which is now a monthly staple to every issue.  He has also just teamed up with Scream Magazine as part of the U.S team. Emerick is bringing Basket Case to the UK's #1 horror magazine as well as an original Ella Oscar and the Sea Monster. Joshua will also continue to do interviews and articles for Scream as well.

Joshua is also in the works with MTV to do a original series on the revamp of Liquid Television. Emerick has also teamed up with the great Cleve Hall to do some original work and be a guest on season two of Monster Man. Join Joshua and check in with everything BasketCase. Emerick also was an associate producer for the film DeadTV that stars Eric Roberts and Danielle Harris. He will be more than happy to tell you on the further adventures of Duane and Belial.

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